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Here are the most common questions. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us. Please consider email as we are on the road or at events and quite often miss phone calls.

The main question we hear is "When will my lab made plugs arrive?" Well, it's hard to say as there are lots of variables that go into it. Primarily, where your order fell into the batch that's being made. We are one of several providers nationwide. These molds go to a couple different labs and are completed in the order they are received. Keep in mind, you ordered a custom made, for you, nobody else, ear plug. This takes time. We try to get them into your hands within 4-6 weeks, however there is a small chance that it takes longer. Rest assured, as soon as it ships, you'll receive tracking information.

Other Rezilyent Custom Hearing Protection FAQ's:

  1. Where are you located?

    • We are based out of Orlando, Florida, but we travel extensively to various events across multiple states. You can find us in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North & South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, and Arkansas, bringing our custom hearing protection services to you!

  2. Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?

    • No, we do not have a physical store. Instead, we travel to different events to provide our custom hearing protection services. This allows us to reach a wider audience and cater to our clients' needs more effectively.

  3. How can I find out where you'll be next?

    • Stay updated on our upcoming events by following us on social media and checking our website regularly. We frequently post our event schedule and locations so you can plan to visit us at a convenient location near you.

  4. Can I request a custom fitting outside of your scheduled events?

    • Absolutely! You can take a look at our Scheduling page and find a time that works for you. Depending on how close we are to you, your personal fitting can even be free of charge. Take a look and lets get you fitted!

  5. Do you offer group discounts for events or organizations?

    • Yes, we do offer group discounts for events and organizations. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements, and we'll provide you with personalized assistance and pricing options.

  6. What sets your custom hearing protection apart from other options?

    • Our custom hearing protection is tailored to fit your ears perfectly, providing superior comfort and maximum noise reduction. Additionally, our team of experts ensures that each product meets our high standards of quality and performance, giving you peace of mind and protection for your hearing health

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