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HearDefenders®-DF Earplugs

HearDefenders®-DF Earplugs

The HearDefenders®-DF filter provides “variable attenuation” – as the nose level increases so does the noise reduction. 

Our Chameleon Ears™ PRO – HearDefender®-DF Earplugs are one of our newest line of customizable products.  We take your original ear impressions and scan them into a computer.  From here we shape and design the final product to be 3D printed and produced final copy.  The CAD file is saved and can be used to “re-print” the product, or any Chameleon Ear™ PRO Series product, at any time.  This saves you from needing to re-send your impressions in, and is a great way to speed up your lead-times for replacements.

The HearDefenders®-DF filter provides “variable attenuation” – as the noise level increases so does the noise reduction.  Until now military, law enforcement or even coaching staffs were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual acoustics filtered earplug that was designed to help you hear speech better in noise.  When compared to average performances from solid earplugs, the Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders®-DF clearly demonstrates the ability to hear proximity sounds better while suppressing unwanted high level noise.

The Chameleon Ears™ PRO – HearDefender®-DF Earplugs are available in all of the brilliant colors found in our standard Chameleon Ear™ line, plus several more various shades.  The all-day comfort and lasting protection you receive with this series of hearing protection is state of the art and up-and-coming within the hearing healthcare field.

Static State – NRR – 24-25
@ 168dBs – NRR – 

Traditionally, we make all of our Chameleon Ears™ in a silicone material.  But they are also available in vinyl and acrylic for various applications, requirements or general preferences.

(*NOTE: Growth (such as within children up to 17-18yrs of age), severe weight gain/loss (20-30lbs), and structural surgeries to your ears will affect this process.)

Ear impressions are required for your custom-fit and proper manufacturing.  Pricing is for a single set.  If you are searching for multiple people, please contact us for further information.

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