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RipTide Armory Advanced CLP+ Graphene

RipTide Armory Advanced CLP+ Graphene

  • MOST ADVANCED FORMULA! This high-performance, all-in-one CLP formulation uses the most advanced technology available. Infused with Graphene, an ultra durable, long-lasting nano coating provides relentless lubrication and protection for your entire firearm.
  • TARGETED CLEANING PERFORMANCE! Utilizing advanced surfactants and chelates that target carbons, mineral deposits, metals, and tough residues. Safe for all gun finishes and parts including barrel, bore, stock, internals, wood, polymer, metal, etc.
  • ADVANCED LUBRICATION, LESS BUILDUP! Tested by professionals on some of the most abused firearms on the planet. CLP+ allows users to put more rounds down range, semi or full-auto, with significantly less buildup. Safe for all moving parts and firearm types including: rifles, shotguns, handguns, revolvers, and more.
  • RELENTLESS PROTECTION, MAKES CLEAN UP EASIER! Graphene creates a nano protective shield providing anti-corrosion and surface smoothing properties allowing for easy clean up, longer-lasting protection, and peace of mind that your firearm will perform at its very best in even the worst conditions.
  • OUR SATISFACTION COMMITMENT! Proudly crafted in the USA and a veteran owned business, this state of the art CLP, firearm cleaner, lubricant, & protectant, uses the most advanced technologies available. We believe this is THE BEST CLP product on the market! If you don’t agree, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.
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