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Chameleon Ear™ PRO Custom Sleeves

Chameleon Ear™ PRO Custom Sleeves

Chameleon Ear™ PRO – Custom Sleeves are made to maximize your comfort and attenuation values while bringing a little personality to your Electronic Earplugs, AirPods, ShotHunt, Silynx etc.

Made from a heat-cured silicone, and 3D printed, the Custom Sleeves can be made in a variety of color options.  They are durable and washable, and are excellent for individuals who still have some degrees of growing to them…. such as children.

Being a part of our Chameleon Ears™ PRO Series, your impressions are retained on file for future ordering.  3D printing is extremely accurate as the original ear impressions are never modified or cut down.  Meaning, whatever we receive is a direct copy, so that a precise fit can reproduced every time.

(Note: Depending on the size of the ear, we try to make the unit to sit as flash to the face of the earplugs.  However, angles and depth could be different from pictures shown).

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