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RipTide Armory Microfiber Optic Towel

RipTide Armory Microfiber Optic Towel

This 500 GSM 8" x 8" Microfiber towel is the highest quality glass and accessory towel on the market. The ideal for use is not just for glass, but smaller tasks like polishing chrome, mirrors, shiny metals, and other delicate items. Pair with our Optic Glass Cleaner for a streak-free finish and longer lasting protection. 

  • TARGETED CARE! Engineered to be compact & gentle, our edgeless optic towel is the epitome of professional quality. Its ultra-plush microfiber, comprised of a superior 70% polyester and 30% polyamide blend, ensures a gentle touch while providing unmatched cleaning power.

  • GENTLE CLEANING! Not just limited to optics, it serves as a spot touch-up for various applications including detailing sprays, wax, compounds, sealants, glazes, and polishes. Its prowess extends to chrome, shiny metals, glass, and mirrors, leaving them flawlessly polished.

  • OUR SATISFACTION COMMITMENT! Proudly crafted in the USA and a veteran owned business, this state of the art firearm optic cleaner uses the most advanced technologies available. We believe this is THE BEST Optic Cleaner on the market! If you don’t agree, we’ll do everything we can to make it right!

  • CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS! Separate contaminated towels from clothing & other items to avoid cross contamination. Set washer to a warm water setting - cold settings will not clean towels as effectively. If your washer is equipped with an extra rinse cycle, use it. This will make sure as much of the contamination and remaining soap is removed from the towels as possible. Microfiber can be machine dried on low heat if you prefer.
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